What has happened to Royal Mail?

I’ve been unsuccessful in getting a letter that I sent directly to the One & Other team in Trafalgar Square.  I  tried to send it directly to them (rather than the Artichoke office in East London) because it also contained a ‘thank-you’ letter to one of the security guards who was very kind to me, but also asking if she would pass on a note (enclosed within hers) to the guys (homeless) in front of the National Gallery, who, I felt, added to the fun of my appearance and I would very much like them to know that. I did look for them later, but they had moved on – perhaps to a soup-kitchen.

Alas, the letter never made it. I used to have complete faith in Royal Mail, as many decades ago I worked for them during Christmas hols when I was a student. Letters with even the most incomplete addresses  would get through to the addressee due to the diligence and tenacity of the postmen & women. In this case I thought that “One & Other Production Team in the Green Offices opposite the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London WC2, may be a good clue to the intended destination. Not so, it would appear, and the letter was returned to me!

Plan B…..