Darwin – Darwen (Freudian slip?)

I was quite delighted last night when checking my posts and someone had hit on my painting Lunch at the Natural History Museum, subtitled Darwin Ponders Evolution, except that I had actually written Darwen! Shock, horror – I know my spelling isn’t the best, but I usually manage Darwin.

Perhaps it was indeed a Freudian slip as my borough council is Blackburn with Darwen. Maybe Darwen is pondering the evolution of the town and I’m afraid I don’t know it well enough to comment, but personally I think it has survived pretty well unscathed by the town planners. Unlike Blackburn, which has suffered the most appalling architectural disasters since the 60s. My partner, Paul, was incensed by this, as he was a native of the town and some of the disasters made him weep. He was a member of the Civic Society, to no avail – and my letters to various people on his behalf, largely fell upon deaf ears (or perhaps that should read, ‘unseeing eyes’).

Darwen, on the other hand, still has several magnificent buildings that haven’t been demolished to make way for soulless concrete towers. Though it does have its towers – the famous landmark Darwen Jubilee Tower on Beacon Hill and the 303 ft high (Grade II listed) tower of India Mill. I’ve just found some wonderful photos of it on the website of Francis Firth. I would have inserted a couple here, but was fearful of infringing the copyright laws so thought better of it.

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