Adrienne Seed, Annie Lennox & Kenneth Kaunda, World Aids Day – This Morning – Dr Chris, The Spider & The Fly

Hello, just a quick note to tell you that my friend Adrienne (see my time on the 4th Plinth) is at the houses of Parliament today, at a Stigma Index ‘do’ where the speakers include KK and Annie Lennox.

Then tomorrow Adrienne is to appear on This Morning with Dr Chris, so tune in if you can, where you’ll be able to watch/listen to the person I was celebrating on the plinth.

Yesterday we were at a fund-raising event for Thrivine, our HIV/Aids support group and I would like to thank all the people and locals of The Swan in Accrington, who pitched up to the event and supported us so generously; also a big thank-you to all those who donated prizes for the raffle.

Now is a good time to let you know that Adrienne’s autobiography, The Spider & The Fly is now available on

On a more somber note, it’s a sad day for me – it would have been Paul’s birthday.

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