Dementia, Alzheimer’s – Mental Illness

My mother’s condition took a different turn last night. First of all she said someone had informed her that her uncle John had died – I wouldn’t know him etc. I said I did know Uncle John and he had died when I was a child, long before her mother and if he had lived till now he would have been at least 130! Then she was in the real world of thanking me for looking after her – and she didn’t want to be any trouble. The lull before the storm; it’s been one hell of a night with her in and out of bed, wrestling with me – she couldn’t get back in because according to her there were maggots and my dad in there! Now I’m not sure if this has to do with a rotting corpse (my dad died nearly 10 years ago) – or Dad’s fishing exploits! She was quite aggressive and in an attempt to stop her flailing arms I took hold of them at the elbows. She wrenched herself away, saying ‘don’t poke me with your elbows!’ Hello!

I’m really tired and need to go back to bed now that she is actually resting, but I have things to do – like going to collect her prescription and looking at the weather, it may mean another long walk in snow and freezing conditions. Maybe I’ll just keep on walking…

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