The Curious Incident of the Missing Car Keys

The house is on the market and this morning I had my first viewers; really nice people. I didn’t find out anything about them, but they looked interesting and would be an asset to the street. (Would like to know them better). When they left I noticed a box (just a fancy box that had sweets in it, which I think my granddaughters gave me) containing some of my jewellery, was slightly open. It wouldn’t close on account of something sticking out – I investigated and did a double take – triple take – in fact couldn’t believe my eyes. I just stood there, musing at the things in my hand – turning them over in awe and wonderment – only the car keys that I thought I’d thrown into the recycling bin before Christmas! Right at the top of the box were my red earrings that I wear regularly, so how can I have missed the car keys. It still hasn’t sunk in – all that time spent looking for them – the hassle trying to get a new key – not being able to get into my garage – and they were there all the time. But still remains the mystery – why would I put them in with my jewellery in the first place? It’s official, I am going mad!

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