Skype Has Changed My Life

How wonderful Skype is; my eldest son and his family live in Hong Kong and I only see them once a year. We used to keep in touch by phone once a week, but you know what anathema that is for kids – then there was the cost to consider as well – and as a consequence the calls were short and sweet.

Three years ago my youngest grandson was born and he was one year old before he met me. I was a complete stranger to him and he was only just getting to know me when they had to leave. In the meantime we got Skype and that has changed my life. I spend just less than an hour with them every Sunday and it is as if we are in the same room. They just get about their normal business, coming and going, chatting and playing games with me and in the background I hear the little one’s voice, ‘Grandma, Grandma!’ – and then the top of his head appears on the screen, bobbing up and down like a demented Muppet until someone picks him up.

Last Sunday was simply the best. My eldest grandson noticed I was online and called me early. I had arranged lunch to accommodate the hour change in BST, so that the call wouldn’t clash with our lunch and their evening meal. As it was, I received the call when our lunch was in the oven and would soon be ready. Thousands of miles away my daughter-in-law was about to produce their meal and it seemed that we would have to hang up and speak later, but she said they had a cooked lunch, so the evening meal was just a snack and so they could all sit around the computer with it. I hurriedly went and gave my mother her meal and brought mine to the computer, complete with glass of wine. They had wine too and there we sat, face to face, eating our meals just as if we were looking over the dinner table. It was magic and the call lasted for about an hour and a half. I really felt I had dined with them, so thank-you Skype!

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