Christmas Eve & Burst Pipes!

On Christmas Eve morning I was in the shower and realised the water was lapping around my

feet and instinctively knew the waste pipe was frozen (either that or it was the facecloth that mum had  flushed down the loo a few days earlier!)

Fortunately it was a frozen pipe, so there I was in  my black & white furry coat (for warmth), boots, hat and rubber gloves, up a ladder defrosting the pipe with a hairdryer on an extension lead. The pipe  suddenly dropped off, showering me with the dirty water, soaking me, but fortunately not electrocuting  me – though leaving me looking and smelling like a wet Dalmatian!

All of a sudden the defrosting of the pipe suddenly got easier, I just took it inside filled the sink with hot water in which I stuck one end of the pipe, bashed it a few times, turned it over and out came a metre long sausage of ice.

The chances of getting a plumber on Christmas Eve in freezing conditions in the most appalling winter for years, was nigh on impossible – and even if I could get one I didn’t feel like waiting around for one to arrive, especially as I promised Paul’s aunt that I would go and visit her in the afternoon. So, on my way there I stopped off at John’s Cut Price and bought some lagging.

Back home after visiting Edna, I was up the ladder again, trying to attach the lagging when the pipe dropped off again and I realised the bit adjoining the elbow joint had actually broken and as it is half embedded in the rendering I didn’t want to make matters worse by chipping the rendering away to get access.

I thought I could tie the bath waste pipe to the wash basin pipe directly above it, but having had cupboards ripped out of the kitchen to accommodate the washer & drier, I couldn’t remember which box I’d packed the string in, so I fastened the pipe up with a carrier bag! 11 days later, so far so good.

My building extension first going to plan in the summer, suddenly actually started in a flurry of activity in November, but then ground to a halt with the weather. Since then the two builders found alternative work and so my project manager, is having to look elsewhere. He has arranged to come with a friend on Monday – if it isn’t raining. I don’t know what the forecast is for Monday, but it’s currently snowing again!

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