Annus Horribilis



So many horrendous things going on in the world and so many celebrity deaths this year; some of the stars lived to a ripe old age so their deaths didn’t shock or surprise us, but I’m still reeling from the others. We didn’t know these people personally but nevertheless they played a big part in our lives and we miss them.

It’s been a very bad year for friends of mine too, with my first funeral of the year being on 18th January and the last on the 13th December, with three more in-between and several friends whose funerals I wasn’t able to attend.

Just when we thought there could be no more celebrities leaving us we hear of Liz Smith – and from the world of music two more tragic deaths, Rick Parfitt and George Michael, the latter being so young.

Although I am a Humanist I can appreciate that all religions have been the influence behind some great music, architecture and art and I am a great lover of Christian icons and the fact they are created from odd bits of wood, metal etc. I created my own tributes to two departed great pop icons.

Version 2

Purple Rain

I found off-cuts of wood and used oil paint for the figures, but decorated them using old CDs, recycled pie cases, a reused wine gift carrier, tissue paper, jewellery findings, Foster’s Lager can, left over kids sticky-backed diamante and trimmings. There is always another use for everything! Since then I have done copies of the originals (so entirely collage) and used similar recycled materials for decoration (re-cycled cooking tray and wrapping paper)

Bowie 1

This is how Starman began, first the painting (using many photos from many years as reference, as I didn’t want to just copy the original photographers’ work)


Starman 2 (because this is a print from the original figure I was able to cut out the hand and move it to a different position)


Purple Rain 2 (in some ways this is better than the original, but the wine carrier of the original jacket was much easier to work with than the flimsy wrapping paper above).